Free Installation of TireCare Sealant

flat free tire forever

Tired of getting a flat tire? We have the ultimate preventive and repair solution for you! Purchase our 1.8L variant today and have it installed for free! 1.8L is good for 4 tires for Cars, SUVs and Trucks. Never get a flat for over 1-3 years

Bikes Magazine Feature

Check out TireCare Philippines’ recent feature on Bike Magazine Asia.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires

We partnered with Shinko Motorcycle tires to give you the best combination of Motorcycle tires + Sealant giving you a quality long lasting tires that could sustain multiple punctures and still be used for performance trails and long rides.

Team Iloilo during the LBC Ronda Pilipinas

Team Iloilo is now the official brand ambassadors of TireCare Philippines. They used TireCare during their race at the 2017 LBC Ronda Pilipinas

Team Taokas PH Downhill Bike Team

TireCare Sealant was present during the Inside Racing Magazine Bike Fest 2017 last March 24-26, 2017. In partnership with Shinko Motorcycle tires, we showed event attendees the power of TireCare Sealant and Shinko Motorcycle tires by drilling holes into the tire and showing that indeed a high-quality sealant and motorcycle tires is no match.