As we seek ways on how to further test our product, we luckily met Telly Buhay who is the proud owner of the Turban Rider Blog site. As he is fond on taking challenges, we happily partnered with him to his 1000KM KRCP Road Rally challenge that will take his fellow teammates Meng Sevilla, AJ Lim, Gerico Baronda and Roderick delos Reyes across the Calabarzon Area.

To our liking the product actually performed well in preventing punctured tires but the real test would be getting a puncture without them even noticing it. Luckily one of their teammates AJ Lim had a nail stuck to his bike and without a second he pulled out the nail and boom it’s sealed.

Another thumb up for us as we embark on another challenge with Telly and his team.

Check out the story through this link below:

Telly Buhay

AJ Lim