I-Cycle 2016: Ride Pilipinas is a gathering of motor riders, bikers and biking enthusiasts in one venue to say in one loud voice that motor and bicycle have rightful lanes in the roads of not only Metro Manila, but of the entire country. It is a convergence of the staunch supporters of the cycling industry to break the connotation associated with biking, and to transform it into a positive message that biking is truly the solution to congested traffic in the main roads of Metro Manila.

By pushing its three major advocacies: 1. Road Safety; 2. Health and Wellness and; 3. Protection of the Environment. During the event, known experts in the industry will dispel myths and ignorance about cycling by sharing their best practices and ethical standards when riding motor or bicycle.

We were invited by the iCYCLE team to be part of this event as TireCare Sealant is the perfect product to help cyclist and motorist gain additional road safety as installing this sealant would help motorist prevent and also repair any tire puncture while riding. The team was able to introduce TireCare Sealant to fellow riders as they would need this product for better road safety and prevent future flat tires.

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